About us










It is in our nature to inhale (inflow) and exhale (outflow), not only air, but also ideas and moments.

Outdoor sports demand high standards and true philosophies. Our project is based on that, OUTFLOW is a point where philosophies, visions and friends coincide, sometimes in the mountains, others in the city.

We collect those philosophies, visions and ideas and offer them to the growing Mexican market through clear, easy channels with excellent customer service.

Outflow in numbers:

  • 100% based on line. Easy to use interfase to help our customers get what they want. 
  • Average of 20,000 unique visitors per month.
  • 50% of returning customers.
  • 6.5% of recovered abandoned shopping carts (7% is the ideal in shopify).
  • Average order value of 400 usd.
  • The period from January to April 202 has seen a 175% increase of visitors to the site compared to September to December 2019.
  • 5,4k of engagement pero month on social media.
  • Oficial distributors of exclusive brands such as: Chromag, Nukeproof, Paul Components, Surly, Larry vs Harry, Dynaplug, Mac Ride, Fix Mfg, Bobike, Reelight.
  • Estimated growth of 30% for 2020.